Compute for Everyone.

We democratize compute and empower researchers around the world to solve challenges related to COVID-19.

We are building a Supercomputer to fight the Coronavirus

Researchers around the world are racing towards understanding the virus and developing an immunization program for it.
What in earlier days would have been done with hundreds of manual experiments in laboratories, is now often done with the aid of computers.

Are you a data center operator?

If you have a data center with idling compute power, please support our mission to create a supercomputer to solve challenges related to COVID-19.

Are you a researcher or developer?

If you need more compute power for your research, we will give youfree access to our supercomputer and support you to get it up and running.

Fighting Disease with Our Supercomputer

Helio is supporting Folding@home with free compute power to fighting disease by connecting its supercomputer to a world wide distributed compute network.